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One of the things I am looking forward is the shifting of weather from cold to hot and Spring is when we start to feel that transition. I am not a fan of cold weather when the sun decides to hide behind the clouds or the breeze suddenly hits me late at night on the streets of downtown LA but I am definitely a fan of layering my pieces together for a good Saturday brunch just for the record. Nothing gets me more thrilled than curating pieces to make one outfit for Spring-Summer look. I love elevating looks with accessories especially with an oversize hat and gold accents (like the one below). I know this is more of a Summer look but trust me put on a cute thin lighted-color coat, wear a closed pair of shoes and take off the hat then we have Spring get-up. It's just me accidentally putting these seems more for the next actually season. Lol!

Here's the first one ever for my site --from one of my many favorite online stores;

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