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glimpse of her

Founder Pamela Yanga tells a scoop.

Why have Ladies Turf?

It was always my vision to have my own lifestyle and business page - a simple sense of ownership and fulfillment to my soul. For years, it has been a question stapled in my mind if this is the path I would like, more so love to take on for the rest of my life. It has lead me to this point with immense motivation and adversaries have conquered me my life that reached to a decision in materializing all I envisioned.

To my Ladies Turf Community,

I cannot express enough of my love and gratefulness for joining me in this journey. 

This is unbelievable to see – we are growing and spreading goodness to this existence.  Because I am witnessing this flourish right before my eyes, it inspires me even more to go beyond my limits and fuels me to give more effort to make our community bigger and stronger. 

You all are the reason why I created this. You who inspire life with beauty, art, passion and love. All women who give hope and power to this world and to the entirety of the universe. Each time I see my fellow women rise up and take a stand or even just the smallest gesture into putting a smile to a stranger, empowers my femininity and allows me to see even clearer that I can break the glass ceiling that was put above and around us.  

We are but a part of each one and should be united in every aspect. Let’s balance each other’s mental, emotional and spiritual state. I am one of you who seeks purpose as a woman. In all fate, I have come with clarity to bring us together.

This website is not only upon my interests but for everyone who believes and feels the need to implore and explore topics, products, events and more. 

I encourage all to feel open and welcome to share their outermost to deepest thoughts and feelings through this site - to have continuity in spreading awareness and joy in giving service to one another.

Again, thank you for letting me be a bridge and spec of your consciousness into building betterment in our society.

All the power in the ethers, 


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