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Taking Reservations

Enjoying meals at our own pace


One of the perks of staying home for a long while is how we all (or most of us) are now able to notice even the littlest details of things--all of a sudden, we turned into a very detail-oriented person.

Certain objects not properly aligned irritate you. The tiniest stain on stuff bothers you. Everything must be labeled or color-coordinated. You become more aware of the proper placement of each and every thing you own.

Aside from those that were mentioned, and most importantly, we spend more time with our loved ones! If living alone, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself, on your independence!

This also means that the entire season is shaping home dining and cooking trends! Others are being experimental with their menus. Some are choosing healthier options. Certain individuals prefer take-out food. We are all being innovative and creative!

While the food is the main delight, what better way to spruce them up is by table setting! You can unleash your artistic side, your love for the arts, or your self expression!

Let your tablescapes tell your story! With these simple tips and tricks, you and/or your loved ones would surely never want to leave the dining room--and might grab more food so better stock up your pantry! Reminder: it's up to you if you want to use existing items or add these to your growing collection.

1. A set comes in handy. For times when cooking becomes more hectic; or when suddenly an unexpected visitor comes over, this is the way to go! No thinking needed!

2. Ditch table cloth with cute placemats. If your dining table is a showstopper but you obviously invested in it, leave it bare but protect it from spillage or damage!

3. Add candles to set the mood. Create an ambiance you desire and instantly light up the place with this easy-to-integrate piece.

4. Mix and match. Bring out the fun and play with textures, colors, prints and patterns, and high and low for a unique and refreshing spin!

5. Don't miss out on serving trays. They may or may not pay attention, but better get the impression that you've sorted all things out. Trays can also serve as decorative elements not just in the kitchen!


Written by Edrelyn Santos

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