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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Chunky shoes are here to stay


While browsing Instagram, I noticed people still wear these edgy, elevated shoes. Even fashion brands, they are still coming up with their own versions and tweaks of the shoe design. Although the trend has been forecasted some years ago, you can see that it is still very much alive--and it will be for more seasons to go! Ugly sneakers, dad shoes, mandalas, turbo trainers--whatever you want to call it, you may want to join the crowd! Wear it alone or with a pair of socks, go for long walks or dip them in the ocean (some are water-friendly); you'll be just fine wearing them!

Strappy Wedge Sandals by Stella McCartney

Bucket Dewalker V2 by Discovery Expedition

Track Sandals by Balenciaga

Nike RYZ 365 2 by Nike

Paige Platform Sneaker Slides by Yuul Yie

Super Super Sleek 72 Shoes by Adidas x Ivy Park

Melissa x LO Green Kick Off Sandal

Rhyon Metallic Logo-Print Leather Sneakers

by Gucci

Iridescent Lambskin Light Bronze Sandals

by Chanel

Flatform Universal Mesh Print by Teva


Written by Edrelyn Santos

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