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Updated: May 14, 2022

Curated Outfit by Pamela Y.


Days are longer and the temperature is rising. It’s an impeccable time to get back on those cute tops, colorful leggings and a pair of lightweight foam running shoes to go with it. It hasn’t been easy finding the right day and time to do cardio on a stationary bike in an open-air backyard or to go for an afternoon sunset run with the cold winds outside – constantly adjusting your schedule towards an elusive weather is just boggling.

Take it from me, I have been doing my morning quick stretches and short whole-body workouts on a yoga mat in my room wearing my pajama oftentimes for the sake of maintaining a toned body. But enough is enough, no more PJs! Time to gear up, get serious and prepare for drooling summer vacations. Let’s get in shape. Let’s start with getting our outfits right and play the part – to get active, we have got to really feel that energy shaking up our core. It should be up and going.

Here’s several items I would love to share in completing one look– hope this would give you an extra boost to jumpstart burning calories this Spring so we could head into Summer with an extra set of positive outlook and confidence;

product links listed below:

I think this getup will definitely get me moving and oh, this sneakers below goes with the crocodile bra and patterned tights too. A little softer and homey touch to its edgy vibe - just an alternative if you prefer.

product link listed below:

If you can't get enough, click this link for more high performance activewear.


Written by Pamela Yanga

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