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Singles During Love Month

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Ideas on how to spend Valentine’s day


How can I be any more bitter, right? The title itself says it louder than me.

So what do singles do during this upcoming event? Cry over their loneliness? Eating fat-free/gluten-free/sugar-free ice cream while watching a chick-flick movie on the comfy couch under a heavy comforter? Happy to say, not in this generation! Majority don’t do that anymore. Studies show that most singles are now comfortable being with themselves or better yet spending (this type of day) with friends and/or family.

In actuality, Valentine’s day is not only for couples. Hence it’s emphasized by people since love is the main frame of celebration and we all know love applies to everybody.

Here’s some activities you might consider doing on the famous date, February 14th;

Food Trip

This is on top of the list.

Who doesn’t want to indulge themselves with fine food? Can’t think of anyone who doesn’t, really. So it’s time to get your taste buds excited and head down to the top 3 famous restaurants in your town, order the bestsellers and enjoy the company and its ambience.


I know it’s still winter season but sun peak hours around 10am to 3pm at the shore would have a perfect temperature to hang under - lay down on the sand, feel the breeze and maybe a margarita on your hand to take the fun to the next level or if you’re laid back - just relax and a book will do it for you.

Gone Hiking

What better way to ground yourself and refresh your soul by immersing with the earth. Remind yourself to breathe, take it easy and just appreciate all things natural. To most gymrats, this is pretty exciting and definitely an adventure to add on their list.

Game Night

Not the usual activity for most adults now but give it a try and you’ll probably find yourself enjoying board games. Like my brother and some friends, they prefer intense mystery board games to make the night livelier. Believe me, I tried and it’s intense.

Netflix and Chill

How can we miss this one out? Not your ordinary TV shows I must say and a lot would agree with me. It wouldn’t be this popular if it is. The expression “Netflix and Chill” doesn’t necessarily apply to this particular streaming platform but to others as well - HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime which also has all the genres you can think of. Plus add in wine or whatever you prefer as a snack then voila, perfect night it is.

Huge part of singles’ comfortability is apparently a result of internet usage. Not to mention dating apps’ illusion of false belonging. Since we are in a rapid and constant innovative age, this is a convenient tool in getting ideas and a perfect time to take it to your advantage and plan a great valentine’s with yourself or with others, whichever you prefer.


Written by Pamela Yanga

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