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Growing up care-free as a woman never occurred to me that facial discoloration will be a dilemma as I age. Since I was or I must say still am, always out and about and very much love saltwater - wouldn’t notice anything unpleasant darkening on my face. I was in my younger years then and with my mother not physically around for more than a decade - I had no knowledge of how important sunscreen is.

Year 2013, I got reunited with my mom. Huge adjustments took place and definitely I had the chance to have better learning towards skincare - one was to use sunscreen daily and guess what? She was using Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Shiseido sunscreen.

As a sunscreen newbie, I used what she used and got a hang of a new routine. Ever since, it’s one of my trusted products.

Here’s my key reasons why;

High Quality - You’ll be applying sunscreen all day, everyday so make sure you pick a skin-sensitive and highly effective one.

SPF 50 -Skin needs at least SPF 30 to be protected from harmful rays and of course, to avoid skin discoloration and this does the job.

Balanced-Moisture -Blends right away with your skin tone. At first, it gives a pearlescent effect and turns invisible as it grasps onto the applied area.

Breath-ably light -Unlike other sunscreens, this is non-sticky and has a sheer covering. A quality sunscreen makes you feel you’re not wearing one and yes, this is exactly that.

Indoor & Outdoor use - Not all the sunscreens in the market are made for outdoors so find one that can do both - It’s a perfect layer before make-up and it’s also perfect for a splash at the beach.

Shiseido sunscreen has been sworn by lots of women that made it an “Allure award-winning item 2020”.


Written by Pamela Yanga

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