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Fashion is still alive


Are you still following fashion trends? While humanity is being challenged lately, it is absolutely okay to not be updated with what's currently in – we're all guilty of not remembering what time or day it is, anyway. It’s also normal for most of us to feel detached from the reality we are used to. Aside from the fact that fashion shouldn't be our top priority in times like this, it is not a crime if fashion is clinging onto the back of our minds. There’s nothing wrong to look for something that will make us feel better and do some things that will somehow take us out of our worries. So let's add a twist to fashion – play dress up, and examine if it can lift us up, or if it can inject a dose of fun to our daily mundane activities.

As we are just welcoming Spring, big fashion houses started releasing and accepting pre-orders for their Fall/Winter collection. As for the malls, Spring/Summer items and displays are in full bloom. All these are normal; the fashion calendar didn't change so as the world that never stops. No pressure here, not at all. As I say, we're just going to have fun.

To make it more interesting, let's style ourselves Spring-ready. It's completely up to you to use old, existing, or new items. Wanna know how? Let's combine one of the most talk-about trends in the 90s: knitwear, to this season's color and feel.

Feel free to browse these styles for inspiration; or if you think you deserve a treat for holding up for so long, these items are just a click away.


Written by Edrelyn Santos

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