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Not So Subtle

This weather calls for fun


It's that time of the year again when we can take advantage of getting a lot of Vitamin D in the most natural way. What are your plans? Or do you have one? We bet some of you have already hit the open road! Aside from this, we give you other warm-weather activities without having to go far! Plus, bonus buys to complement the heat and feel the refreshing breeze around you!

As a continuation of our previous post, these outfit ideas are more relaxed and soothing to the eyes yet still scream summer!

Have an alfresco dining, sip a drink or two while enjoying the view at the terrace, or set up a backyard picnic.

Stroll in the park, explore your neighborhood, go on short rides.

Sunbathe on the rooftop.

Adopt plants.

Recreate a spa day at home.


Written by Edrelyn Santos

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