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My Quarantine Reads

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

So I'm gonna skip all the bad news with what's happening right now and focus on the good stuff since it is very apparent for everyone. I had a lot of time for myself (and my kid, of course!). Most of us did. I realized I could do so much in my 8 hours as work - cook, meditate, workout, teach & play my kid, watch series, long baths, etc. I mean, I did a lot with my routine back then but this is way more fun and free-flowing - no rushing in the office, unlimited mind wandering, bare face the entire day and you name it. Do whatever as long as you are inside your house. And one of the things I did was get back at reading. Here's 4 interesting reads you might want to check out;

Fashion books are things I am amused at. They are entertaining and can lighten my mood instantly. First of all this book cover is simple and it is my favorite color. So this kind of front really draw me in. So anyway, content is very cute - shades and illustrations are so Kate Spade style. Information are more on her interests and how she made her own style. So if you're still finding your style, this is a good and easy one to start motivated and be inspired with.

I have read a lot of self-help books and I enjoy all of them especially because it gives understanding and hope to one's self. However this one focuses on write your goals and dreams down and explains why we should - a lot of very good points were written & lots of positive reinforcement. I suggest to put a marker on the pages you'll find helpful to you. It was a delight actually.

Yes, I am fascinated by Astrology and reading this makes me nod from time to time. I read my zodiac sign first and then when on to the zodiacs that I know who has them. Eventually, I ended up finishing all the signs. I can't help to be curious with the others too. After all, I know a number of people. I must say, I have some exploring to do -there are parts that I didn't even know that it's pleasurable or maybe very little percent on it is not quite right which is completely fine since we are uniquely made by our creator. So if you are also interested in it, this one is brief and precise.

Well, again I am into this. Need I say more? Such an on point and substantial - just my opinion and you can say belief. This is more elaborate and generative compared to the other. It amazes me that it has explanations why I have such traits and take note, with accuracy. 2 topics in the book I didn't feel that was me but again to emphasize, we are all unique. Author has 11 other books specializes on your zodiac signs. I suggest grab them and it may surprise you and answer some questions you have towards yourself.

Just a few off of my list. Hope you guys find your interest in at least one of these books. Happy reading!


Founder: Pamela Yanga

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