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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Lounging has never been this fun


Happy New Year, everyone! Although I am a bit late on my greetings, here’s hoping you have welcomed 2021 with renewed hope and in high spirits! While we are still living through a pandemic, waiting to get our vaccine shots, we should all still be reminded to follow health protocols—one of them is to stay home!

So why don’t we all just snuggle in our trusted pieces on repeat? Still looking for one? Here are some brands that offer undergarments, loungewear, and pyjamas, which will not only give you comfort, but would hopefully encourage you not to step outside of your houses (unless of course if it is too damn important)!

This brand’s basics exude minimalism from its designs to hues. They are made from a combination of cotton, modal, and elastane, to ensure comfort and durability. Just by looking at it, you know you’re in for a good deal!

Parachute screams home as they make home essentials their expertise. From bedsheets, robes, to rugs, name it and they have it! With the world’s finest spas in mind, they offer an ultimate premium treat to touch your skin!


Known for everything cute and fun, this shop instantly gives you joy when you wear their pyjamas featuring quirky prints and bright colors. Talk about mood lifters!

As the name suggests, you might want to stay in bed all-day everyday with their garments that looks extra! Imagine wearing a set with fur details? How about a lounge suit? Well, they were founded by two former fashion editors, so what do you


5. Dôen

There is something so dreamy about vintage or vintage-inspired nightgowns, which make it exists up to now. Dôen offers that bohemian, romantic touch to your wardrobe so you won’t have to dig up someone’s closet for that nostalgic vibe.


Contributor: Edrelyn Santos

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