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Daily Regimen Upgrade

Adding FOREO Funk to Selfcare


Who’s lazy to wash their faces especially coming home from a party around 2am? Are you seeing yourself raising your hand? Don’t feel bad because I’m the same. I am so tired and exhausted whenever that happens, I just want to dive in the bed with dead weight.

It takes several minutes more – wiping makeup away, washing my face with a cleanser or scrub (whichever is scheduled that day), putting on toner, then acne spot treatment (in my case) and night cream. The whole regimen is a lot to take and it maybe, a few minutes in reality but for a half asleep hormonal woman like me it’s as if it’s 5 hours to have it all done. Wouldn’t you agree? We know it’s important, we know it’s hygiene, we know it’s selfcare but sometimes, dragging your whole body to the bathroom is friggin’ difficult.

Here’s some items I love to get myself pumped up in making the whole process a little fun.

product links listed below:

Additional skincare you might want to check out since these have been my add-to-cart products as well.

If you are just like me, acne-prone skin, this item for you. We all want to prevent an acne breakout so this would be perfect to use.

product link right here:

Puffy eyes is also my dilemma in the morning, so why not grab this one too. Let's drain that lymphatic issues!

product link right here:

Not to mention oral care, brushing your teeth in all of those, right?! Here’s a really cute toothbrush to match with everything.

product link right here:

As a woman, I cannot stress enough how important to take care of ourselves and how precious we are to begin with. Love radiates from us and to us so might as well take an extra step in enjoying these regimens and share them to other women who might need them too. Let's age beautifully and gracefully!


Written by Pamela Yanga

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