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Bridgerton’s Charms

Let’s play dress up inspired by the well-loved series


Everyone is talking about Bridgerton, Netflix’s biggest hit ever, based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling Regency romance book series. From its steamy scenes, intriguing newsletter, to its diverse casting and immaculate set design, it is in no doubt that we got so immersed in those 8 episodes and makes us wanting more.

But this post is not about how well-executed the show is or how well-written the story is, because those are given already. I would like to give emphasis to its opulent costumes, one of the reasons why Bridgerton is so much talked about.

So without further ado, let us present my favorite female characters and how to cop their looks in today’s time.

Daphne Bridgerton

Elaborate and elegant with a touch of innocence is how I would like to describe the female lead’s style.

(from left to right)

Eloise Bridgerton

Even if her outfits do not show too much skin, she still stands out with a pinch of curiosity and lots of intelligence on her sleeve.

(from left to right)

Penelope Featherington

I have never expected that this lady who always wears striking and brightly-hued dresses would have the biggest revelation.

(from left to right)

Floral Of-The-Shoulder Gown by Oscar de la Renta

See you next season! I bet you are as thrilled as I am.


Written by Edrelyn Santos

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